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Stretch Fabrics

You can view our range of STRETCH fabrics below for you're CREATE YOUR OWN design! As well as ideas of fabrics for custom designs. They are in colour groups

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NEW ARRIVAL - Lilac Holographic Spandex
NEW ARRIVAL - Spider Blue Spandex
New Arrival - Black and Gold sequin spandex
New Arrival - Baby Blue Sequin Spandex
New Arrival - Mint Sequin Spandex
NEW ARRIVAL - Bubblegum Sequin Spandex
New Arrival - Emerald Embossed Velvet
New Arrival - Fuchsia Embossed Velvet
New Arrival - Cobalt Embossed Velvet
NEW ARRIVAL - Lilac Sundays
NEW ARRIVAL - Black Glitter Velvet
Pearl Sequin Spandex
Pearl Sequin Spandex Sale price$0.00
Ice Queen
Ice Queen Sale price$0.00
Baby Blue Sequin Spandex
Baby Blue Sequin Spandex Sale price$0.00
Cobalt Embossed Velvet
Cobalt Embossed Velvet Sale price$0.00
Shattered Blue Spandex
Shattered Blue Spandex Sale price$0.00
Blue Floral Dreamer
Blue Floral Dreamer Sale price$0.00
Mint Sequin Spandex
Mint Sequin Spandex Sale price$0.00
Party Girl Sequin Spandex
Emerald Embossed Velvet
Emerald Embossed Velvet Sale price$0.00
Night Love Sequin Spandex
Painted Florals Spandex
Painted Florals Spandex Sale price$0.00
Spider Blue Spandex
Spider Blue Spandex Sale price$0.00
Fuchsia Embossed Velvet
Fuchsia Embossed Velvet Sale price$0.00
Princess Pink Sequin Spandex
Pink Princess
Pink Princess Sale price$0.00
Paisley Party
Paisley Party Sale price$0.00
Geometric Party
Geometric Party Sale price$0.00
Bubblegum Sequin Spandex
Bubblegum Sequin Spandex Sale price$0.00
Shattered Hot Pink Spandex
70’s Gal - Purple
70’s Gal - Purple Sale price$0.00
Lilac Sundays
Lilac Sundays Sale price$0.00
Lilac Holographic Spandex
Light Purple Sequin Spandex
Purple Floral Sequin Stretch Mesh - Slightly Sheer
Mulberry Glitter Velvet - currently out of stock
Dark Purple Sequin Spandex
Disco Girl Spandex
Disco Girl Spandex Sale price$0.00
Sunrise Embossed Velvet
Sunrise Embossed Velvet Sale price$0.00
Bright Orange Sequin Spandex
Burnt Orange Sequin Spandex
70’s Orange Jersey  - Low stock please enquire first
Red Princess
Red Princess Sale price$0.00
Fuchsia Velvet
Fuchsia Velvet Sale price$0.00
Red 70’s Party Spandex
Red 70’s Party Spandex Sale price$0.00
Red Sequin Spandex
Red Sequin Spandex Sale price$0.00
Queen Of Stars Spandex
Queen Of Stars Spandex Sale price$0.00
Black and Gold sequin spandex